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Easel to Ownership

Explore my vast collection of original acrylic on canvas paintings created from 2018 to the present. Each original painting is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and is prepared for hanging.



Since 2018, my artwork has increasingly embraced the technique of montage, a method I've come to favor for its ability to infuse my pieces with an air of unpredictability and freshness, reminiscent of my Thrifting Series. By blending disparate images within a single painting, I uncover unexpected narratives that invigorate the canvas with new life. This departure from traditional approaches not only challenges me as an artist but also encourages me to think outside the box, avoiding tunnel vision and embracing innovative ways to fuse seemingly unrelated elements into cohesive compositions. Montage allows for a dynamic interplay of ideas, weaving together diverse images and concepts to create works that resonate with depth and complexity. Moreover, montage serves as a natural pathway into realms of surrealism and abstraction, further enriching the expressive possibilities of my art.


Embarking on my thrifting series paintings involves a multifaceted creative journey. I immerse myself in the eclectic realm of thrift stores, eagerly scouring for overlooked treasures: discarded ceramic figurines, intriguing bric-a-brac, and visually captivating items. With a keen eye, I collect these items or capture their essence through photography, preserving their forgotten narratives. Returning to my studio, I embark on the transformative process of recomposition, melding these disparate elements into harmonious compositions. Sometimes, I juxtapose them with unrelated knickknacks on found objects, weaving together a tapestry of new stories waiting to be unraveled. By stripping away their previous contexts, I provide these discarded artifacts with a fresh voice, inviting viewers to engage their imaginations and construct new narratives, thereby breathing new life into the forgotten relics of the past.

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