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Giclée Prints


I employ the giclée printing process, known for its high quality and archival properties for my print reproductions. Utilizing pigment-based inks and high-resolution printers, this method is ideal for fine art reproductions, yielding prints characterized by vibrant colors and sharp details, suitable for gallery display.

Please indicate in your message the preferred size for prints and whether you would prefer a hand-signed print.

Painting Image
Painting Image

Giclée vs Original Art 

Painting Image
Painting Image
Painting Image
Unlike original artwork, which is confined to its fixed size, giclée prints offer unparalleled flexibility in size customization. Take, for example, an original piece measuring 18 inches; with giclée printing, it can seamlessly expand to a grand 6-foot rendition while maintaining the integrity of the original quality. Conversely, when an original work proves too imposing for a particular space, giclée printing allows for downsizing without sacrificing detail or impact. This adaptability empowers individuals to tailor their art selections to suit diverse environments and personal tastes, thereby enriching the array of decorative possibilities available.

Mark of Excellence

I include a culturally inspired stamp or mark on the front of my recent paintings, while my prints and drawing are signed and

On my recent paintings, I incorporate a culturally inspired stamp or mark on the front, while on the back, I include my signature, title, and date. 

Similarly, my original works of art bear my signature or initials and the date of creation.

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